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Wilhelm Scream (1): an RPF (real-person fiction: can also be 'RPS' for real-person slash, but this isn't limited to slash) game featuring directors, composers and actors all forced to work together on one sci-fi/fantasy hybrid movie. This game is a satirical approach (read: a slight mockery of) the moviemaking process, and an amusing look at what could happen if you shove a bunch of people together who have no experience with each other previously -- as well as a film with multiple directors, composers, and a complete lack of casting director.
Wilhelm Scream (2): an overused sound effect of an agonized scream that's been in at least one movie a year since the late 50s. Nobody even knows who owns the rights to the sound anymore. But in the words of the Zucker brothers, that's not important right now.

• The setting is Guilin, China, where each member -- once casted -- is gifted a single one-way plane ticket to. They're also given a nice hotel room at the Guilin Rainbow free of charge.
• The game opens in May of 2004 and should span to the completion of the 'sci-fantasy' yet-untitled film this entire group is working on. Note that this movie, script and all, is absolutely terrible, but not intentionally. (Think Zero Hour! or Bones for two examples of movies that tried, they really did ... and they were really unintentionally hilarious.)
• The fact that there are multiple directors, soundtrack writers, lead actors, et cetera: the Anonymous Screenwriter has pretty much made sure it's like that. They all have to get along now! (Remember, this is a parody. It doesn't all NEED to be perfectly clear. :D)
• Wilhelm Scream is real-person fiction, it doesn't have to be slash. Any pairing at all is welcome (you'll always manage to squick SOMEONE, no matter who it is) so long as it's not a serious statutory rape offense.
• It's rather likely that if you write up a post filled with serious angst that everyone will take it as humour anyway. Everything is A JOKE. It's 100% AU and there's no need to play like your puppet is exactly that person, either -- you don't need to know every little tiny bit about them, and can improvise with personality.

• As mentioned many, many times -- this isn't real in any way. We're not these people, we're not even moviemakers, and only one of us has ever even been to Guilin. Don't believe that we have any connection at all to these folk, and we're not trying to kill copyright or cause any legal troubles. It's fiction and we're just trying to have fun. No lawsuits, please.
• On joining age -- there's really no limit as to how young/old muns are, but chats can be anywhere from G to NC-17 rating. Beware of that, and if you're underage and want to read/participate in this stuff anyway, also aware that you will be held 100% accountable if you get in trouble with parents/law. We're not going to stop you (after all, people are always capable of lying about age) but we're not going to take blame for you either.

• Journal posts should be to the community, and can be either 'journal' or 'action' posts. Actions are not in narrative style, but in standard action -- we're not writing a novel, nor are we trying to keep a steady narrative prose going. AIM is the same: 'first person' or 'action' posts.
• While the majority of characters should be currently alive and available to be cast, Guilin is a foggy, creepy place full of caves and other mysterious interludes ... so by special request we can have our share of a few long-or-short-deceased former moviemakers. (Cases in point: the hovering NPC hotel-haunting Errol Flynn and the mummy Frank Sinatra. Guilin is also a weird place, and there's always a chance that the dead walking the earth could somehow come back to life.)
• Munfights aren't nice. We know this. Keep IC IC and OOC OOC. Don't let IC arguments spread OOC, nor OOC spread IC (though we realize it's harder to be nice to someone ICly that you don't like OOCly than the other way around) and don't get into OOC fights over things that are going on. Equally, consent is the name of the game: if your puppet is in a romantic relationship with another's, don't have him cheat without the other mun's permission, for example. Also, in character actions always equal in character consequences.
• If there are any problems with anything, please feel free to consult your friendly, always-on-duty moderators! There's one in India and one in the eastern USA, so most timezones should be covered with at least one of us online.
• The obligatory things-that-aren't-cool: plaigarism (of icons/posts/layouts/whatever), harrassment (of other muns -- it's okay IC if there's consent on all parts OOC!), making Mary Sewage of your puppets, typing in netspeak, whining a lot.

• Please fill out the application located here, and send to wilhelm.scream @ gmail.com. You'll be contacted when accepted and sent a community invite. :)

dannyelfman - Daniel "Danny" Elfman (Composer) - AIM: SpolettoFuneral
dead_like_frank - Frank Sinatra (Mummy) - AIM:
fifteenth_ainur - Howard Shore (Composer) - AIM: Rulinian
famkejanssen - Famke Janssen (Actress) - AIM: SpolettoFuneral
shadow_spiders - Timothy "Tim" Burton (Director) - AIM:
goldenthal - Elliot Goldenthal (Composer) - AIM: NeonSkeleton
_keanu_reeves_ - Keanu Reeves (Actor) - AIM:
mister_k_smith - Kevin Smith (Director) - AIM:

(and also thescreenwriter, who is watching you all, kind of like Big Brother)